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Piano city milano is now five years old. Five years of an open city, like the houses hosting our pianists. Five years of concerts in the most unexpected places, of music on trams, on boats and on bicycles. Five years in which milan turned into a big stage. Five years of a city which never stops and which keeps changing. Like piano city. more



piano city no stop

Piano City Milano 2016 never stops! The big opening session on Friday night will introduce 50 uninterrupted hours of music which will accompany the city through the whole week end. The “glue” will be two night marathons, Pianonight on Friday and Pianorave on Saturday, which will finish with two evocative concerts, the first one at the sunrise with a view of Milan directly from the roofs of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the second one settled in front of Palazzina Liberty in the suggestive Vittorio Formentano park.